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BeyondPhysio's Gift Card

 BeyondPhysio’s gift card is a wonderful gift that shows you care. It starts from 250kr (which is the price of a Try a Class), but you can choose the amount you wish to give and the recipient can choose how she/he wants to spend it. It is valid for one year so the recipient can use when he/she feels it's safe to come to the Studio or choose the online option. Contact us in case you want to purchase it. 


Evening Class

There is a new evening class on wednesdays from January13th on. If you prefer a bit later option to train, we added a 19:00 class. See you there!



You can use your friskvårdsbidrag for 2021 with us. We can send you a faktura or a kvitto so you can show your employer. We also work with Actiway and Wellnet. 



Check BeyondPhysio membership options! It's quite a good deal with valuable benefits. If you sign up for any of the 1 year membership, you can train unlimited during your first month. Check it out! Let's move beyond together!


Pilates with Friends

How cool it is to spend some time with your friends in a Covid-19 safe way!!! Even better if you can do something together that motivates each other to start or keep a healthier life style. As a BeyondPhysio client you can invite up to 3 other friends and have an all-inclusive pilates experience. 200kr/friend only! Your class is free. Lets train and have some fun together. Your friends get the chance to have 5 all-inclusive pilates classes for only 1500kr if they buy it in the same week they come for their Pilates with Friends Experience. Valid for 1 month.