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Hynotic Meditation

Mindfulness is a state of overall well-being, and there are many ways we can achieve this state.


One of the most powerful, yet simple, self-awareness tools is guided meditation. It uses words to help move your attention away from the worry, stress and pain to help you find your own inner strength and creativity. This brings the natural powers of the mind into health and healing. It is when we disconnect from the outer-world and connect with our inner-world, in an amazing state of connection with our Higher-Self.  

In a guided meditation combined with imaginary techniques as Hypnosis we can have many health-related physical and emotional benefits. It can help you feel less nervous or upset, be less bothered by pain or achieve a goal such as an athletic or academic achievement. Elite athletes use guided hypnotic meditation imagery to imaging themselves performing at their best, and research suggests this helps their performance.

Join us in our Hypnotic Meditation practice to create or improve your connection within, stimulate more flow in your life and feel the power we all carry within us to live better and happy & in balance. 

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