Our Get Started Offers are the best way for you to experience BeyondPhysio, understand & feel in your body how Pilates can help you become the best version of yourself - stronger, more flexible & more mindful of how to handle your body in your daily life. You will not only move better, but you will feel better. 

One class/session is usually too little to totally understand if pilates is something for you. You need to give your body the chance to try it for some times to truly feel how effective this method can be. 

Take advantage of our Get Started Offers!

  • Best Value


    2 Private Sessions + 4 Group Classes
    Valid for 4 weeks
  • GetStarted

    Unlimited Group Classes for 2 Weeks
    Valid for 2 weeks
  • Try Pilates 1:1

    Pilates Introduction Session/Dynamic Postural Assessment
    Valid for 2 weeks
  • GetStarted-Gyrotonic

    3 private Gyrotonic Sessions
    Valid for one month
  • Try Gyrotonic

    1 Private Gyrotonic Session
    Valid for one month
  • Try Reiki

    1 Reiki private session - 60 minutes
    Valid for one month
  • GetStarted Challenge

    Decide, Commit & Get Results
    Valid for 6 weeks