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How to Start?

We recommended that you attend an Introduction Session when you first start training at the studio.  In the Introduction Session you will go through a dynamic postural assessment. ​ The Dynamic Postural Assessment will check how your body reacts during movement (global movements to assess the neuromiofascial system and specific pilates or gyrotonic movements). Through this assessment we will be able to understand which is the general state of your body and if there is any segment that is affecting you and your ability to move in an efficient and functional way.


You will also learn about the principles and concepts of the method so you can follow and take more advantage of the classes when training in a group.  Besides, the physiotherapist will go through your goals and specific needs and will be able to give you advice on how to deal and how to modify the exercises in case it's needed.

The best way to have a BeyondPhysio Experience is with our Get Started Plus Package. You will get our Intro Session + another Private Session + 4 group classes. This is an excellent way to start your journey into your Pilates Practice. In the Private sessions you will be able to learn the principles of the method and have your PT dive deep into your specific needs and goals. Then you can try 4 group classes & feel how it is to move in a mindful and effective way in a group set up. Gyrotonic Sessions are always 1:1. You can Try Gyrotonic which is 1 session or purchase a Get Started - Gyrotonic where you get 3 sessions. We highly recommend you to come 2x/week, but you do have 1 month to finish your Get Started Package. 

After the Intro Session

Talk to you physiotherapist about your options after your Intro Session or your Get Started Package. You should consider:

1. How often do you want to train? How many times/week?

2. What do you want to train? Private Sessions? Group Classes? A mix of all of them?

You can buy:

1. Membership

- 8classes/month or 12classes/month? 

- 3 months, 6 months or 12 months membership?

-Do you want to add private sessions to your membership?

-Talk to us if you need us to customize a different and more specific membership for your needs. 

2. Class Card

We can customize a training plan that fits your life. Or you can choose the options you find here. Please observe the expiration policy of each plan.

Booking & Payment

You can use your friskvårdsbidrag at BeyondPhysio. 

Pay with swish, bankgiro, invoice or credit/debit card:

- Swish: 1232280022

- Bankgiro: 5527-5051

If you choose to pay with bankgiro, in your payment page of your internetbank, you should choose "meddelande" instead of "OCR-nummer". In the "meddelande" blank you should write the name of the person who will use the pilates sessions/classes. 

- Invoice: if you want to pay via invoice, we need your personnummer information apart from your name, address with postcode and email, which you already fill in during the booking process. You can choose to fill the personnummer information as well or you can let us know it when you come to your first session.

- credit/debit card


You can pay right away with swish, bankgiro or credit/debit card. Otherwise, let us know you prefer an invoice.


Contact us if you have any further questions. 

  • Best Value


    2 800kr
    2 Private Sessions + 4 Group Classes
    Valid for 4 weeks
  • GetStarted-Gyrotonic

    3 000kr
    3 private Gyrotonic Sessions
    Valid for one month
  • GetStarted Challenge

    6 000kr
    Decide, Commit & Get Results
    Valid for 6 weeks
  • Try Pilates 1:1

    1 000kr
    Pilates Introduction Session/Dynamic Postural Assessment
    Valid for 2 weeks
  • Try Gyrotonic

    1 000kr
    1 Private Gyrotonic Session
    Valid for one month
  • Try Reiki

    1 000kr
    1 Reiki private session - 60 minutes
    Valid for one month
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