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About BeyondPhysio

Everyone is Unique

BeyondPhysio is a boutique studio that offers a mindful movement experience. We offer different movement methods in a personalized environment with a more individualized interaction. We truly believe small and personalized classes will give you the best workout results possible. You will start with a dynamic assessment so you can have a customized exercise program specially designed by our physiotherapists for you to reach both your short-term and long-term goals.


We at BeyondPhysio believe that every body can improve, in its own pace, step by step. It doesn’t matter where you are now, we will help you reach where you want to be.

Whether you want to get better from a back or neck pain, recover and reconnect to your body after pregnancy and delivery or keep an exercise routine to reach your physical and mental health goal,

BeyondPhysio is the place for you.


Move Beyond

We recognise your specific goals and needs and combine innovation, experience and the Pilates and Gyrotonic work to teach you not only how to perform the exercises but how to apply these systems in your daily life in and out of the studio.

A Life of Balance

The foundation of our practice combines awareness, breath and movement. By integrating these aspects we strive to help you not only to move, but to move better and beyond. We will guide you in the journey of learning how to connect, understand and listen to your body. We hope you enjoy this journey, your mind and body will thank you for that.

Women Stretching
Child's Pose

Organise Yourself

Are you feeling a bit twisted? Let us help you to feel where is the best place for your body to be. Through the work of Joseph Pilates and Julio Horvarth develop the strength, flexibility and the posture that will make you become in charge of your personal health and well-being.

About: About

Mayra Kaneshiro


Making a Positive Impact

"I believe every body can evolve and move beyond towards a better self. I want to help you reach your mental and physical health goals through a safe, effective and life-changing movement experience."

Mayra has a license in Physiotherapy in Brazil and Sweden and is a certified Stott Pilates and Gyrotonic instructor, trained in Brazil and USA. She also has education on Vayu Aerial Yoga, Barre and TRX.  With 14 years of experience, she is able to combine physiotherapy with Pilates and Gyrotonic in order to achieve the best results for her clients. Mayra has trained people of all ages, body types, athletic abilities, and physical conditions and believes that it is important to look at her clients from a holistic perspective and help them learn how to connect, understand and control their own body. By applying a new way of thinking and moving in their daily lives, people learn to prevent future injuries and pain and in a safe manner challenge themselves to reach their individual goals. Mayra moved to Stockholm in August 2014 and in 2020 she opened BeyondPhysio so she can dedicate herself to what drives her in life - make a difference in people's lives through movement.

About: Our Team
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